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:iconcelticstarplz:Honoree for this week:iconcelticstarplz:


For her wonderful photography that has captured the "Scandinavian landscabe" as it is and should forever be.
You can view one of her snap-shots here...:...Where light and darkness meet... by AnnaIceflames
Or visit our "Scandinavian Landscapes" gallery folder by clicking :pointr: here :pointl:, to view more outstanding photography created by her and also other fantastic images that remind us of what was and what is 'Scandinavian Landscapes'.


We hope you enjoy...


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Geri and Freki

Geri and Freki photo GeriandFreki_zpse63168c5.png

In Old Norse,these names both mean "the ravenous" or "greedy one". They are two wolves which are said to accompany Odin.
The pair can be compared to similar figures found in Greek, Roman and Vedic mythology, and may also be connected to beliefs surrounding the Germanic "wolf-warrior bands", the Úlfhéðnar also commonly known as Berserkers .

Geri and Freki, along with Odin and his ravens Huginn and Muninn, reflect a symbiosis observed in the natural world among ravens, wolves, and humans on the hunt.

In a biological symbiosis one organism typically shores up some weakness or deficiency of the other. As in such a symbiosis, Odin the father of all humans and gods, though in human form was imperfect by himself. As a separate entity he lacked depth perception (being one-eyed) and he was apparently also uninformed and forgetful. But his weaknesses were compensated by his ravens, Hugin (mind) and Munin (memory) who were part of him.

He also had two wolves at his side, and the man/god-raven-wolf association was like one single organism in which the ravens were the eyes, mind, and memory, and the wolves the providers of meat and nourishment. Odin gives all of the food on his table to his wolves Geri and Freki and Odin requires no food, for wine is to him both meat and drink.

As a god, Odin was the ethereal part, he only drank wine and spoke only in poetry.


I wondered if this could be a metaphor that playfully and poetically encapsulates ancient knowledge of our prehistoric past as hunters in association with two allies to produce a powerful hunting alliance.
It would reflect a past that we have long forgotten and whose meaning has been obscured and badly frayed as we abandoned our hunting cultures to become herders and agriculturists, to whom ravens and wolves now act as competitors.


Check out these other interesting links,

'Secrets of the Viking Sword'

A modern-day sword-smith reverse engineers the ultimate weapon of the Middle Ages; a sword both prized and feared.

:iconvikingwarplx: 'The Ulfberht' :iconvikingwarplx:



Space Viking

Is a science fiction novel written by H. Beam Piper and is set in his Terro-Human future history. It tells the story of one man's search for his wife's murderer and its unexpected consequences. The story was originally serialized in Analog magazine (November 1962 – February 1963), then published by Ace Books in 1963.

I read this book some time ago and thoroughly enjoyed it and so may you...

Space Vikings photo SpaceVikingPaperBackCover_zps2d5dfe48.png


Ten thousand refugees from the losing side of The Big War (The System States War of The Cosmic Computer) fled far beyond the boundaries of the Terran Federation and colonized the planet Excalibur. By the beginning of Space Viking, they had expanded to a handful of Sword Worlds (so-called because they are named after legendary swords) and had grown to a total population of three and a half billion, organized in a feudal system of kingdoms, duchies, and other small states, ruled by frequently warring noblemen. Despite their isolation and the political instability, the inhabitants managed to retain a high level of technology, including space flight.

One day, a starship rediscovered the Old Federation. Civilization had collapsed, presumably due to the war; many of the planets had regressed to varying stages of semi-barbarism. Taking advantage of the situation, "Space Vikings" (reminiscent of Norse vikings) proceeded to raid the poorly defended Federation worlds over the next three hundred years for loot.

Group Info

We would like to invite all who are Scandinavian and also those that wish to learn more about us, to please join this group.
While here, you can post historical facts and data, mythological stories, and pictures about Scandinavian, Norse, Celtic, and Northern European topics that interest you!

Becoming a member::iconaxeplz:
Click the "join this Group" button at the top of the page.
This group does not in any way Condone, Support, or Tolerate, antisemitism/racism in any form.
Submitting Art::iconvikingwar:
As a member you can submit art to any of our "Gallery Folders", with exception of the "Featured Folder".
Submissions will need approval before they are uploaded. All kinds of art are acceptable as long as it is appropriate for the folder and fits in with our groups theme.
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:bulletgreen: We're the 'ghost in the machine' in a manner of speaking and If anyone has an issue/question relating to the group or would just like to chat. Feel free to contact any one of us. We would gladly assist in any way we can to help make our group and your experience here on :devart: the best it can be.



:iconvikingwarplx: Vikings Rule! :iconvikingwarplx:






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"Activity" isn't a requirement, but we do appreciate it.
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Hope to hear from you soon. I know there is so many great artist out there and we will give you all the feedback we can for your work!

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